Shoulder press 3x2 @ 90%

5 - 6 rounds
10 seated DB shoulder press
10 front plate raises
10 steering wheels
30 second back line body drill

**No article today. Just a great video showing how strength can be gained at any point in life. At Mercury Strength and Conditioning we focus on building the strength of each and everyone of you because strength is going to carry you through life. Working as a paramedic for 12+ years, I have seen my share of people who are inactive/sedentary and require the help of others to pick them up or help them move from one thing to another (this does not include those who have underlying congenital diseases). Strength will allow you to pick yourself up off the floor when you fall down. Strength will allow you to play with, and keep up with, your grandkids. Strength will help with bone density which will help decrease the chance of breaking bones when you fall. Regardless what age you are, it's never too late to start getting strong. Let Mercury Strength and Conditioning help you get strong the right way!**

 "When I see people 1 or 2 years older than I in a wheelchair and I don't want to ever be there."

Do you want to be there?