From top to bottom:

Saturday AM flight

Saturday PM flight

Sunday flight

***What an amazing weekend we had at Mercury Strength and Conditioning. Over 100 great lifters and people. Thanks to Gene and Amy for putting on a great competition. Thanks to Bradie Johnston for getting RPS into Kingston! An even bigger thank you to the volunteers (spotters, plate loaders, set-up and tear down crew, judges) who helped out. Without you the meet would not be possible!!! We are doing it all over again at the beginning of October 2016!!! Start lifting!***

Back to the grind for the Mercury crew. Time to build on those new maxes!

Squat 3x8 @ 65%

AMRAP 7 minutes
10 squat jumps
10 reverse planks
Rest 2 minutes
AMRAP 7 minutes
5 Bulgarian squats (one leg)
5 squats
5 Bulgarian squats (the other leg)
5 squats

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