SIGN UP: Please sign up for class. Do not just show up and expect to jump right in. You have until 30 minutes prior to the start of class to sign up. There are many classes made available if you are unable to sign up or make it for a certain time.

ARRIVAL: Please show up on time, or, even better, early. Warming up properly is critical for success. Doing an abbreviated warm-up is a recipe for injury. If you are going to be late, please text Jeff. You will be required to complete the warm-up in full. This means your lifting time or your conditioning time will be cut short. As mentioned above, there are many class times made available to you.

CELLPHONES/MUSIC DEVICES: No cellphones or personal music players are allowed at the lifting stations. There are plenty of calculators floating around and we will do our best to play music that doesn’t offend the class. People get distracted by texting, surfing or doing whatever on them between sets. This poses a few problems:

  • Too long rest periods between sets thereby delaying the conditioning portion of the workout

  • Takes the focus off of the task at hand

  • Takes your attention away from your surroundings. No matter where you are, if you are not paying attention you can get injured.

  • There is a lot to learn by watching others lift

**Coaches will have cellphones or cameras in order to take pictures/videos for promotional/educational purposes. Coaches will only be permitted to upload the photos taken between classes.**

MEMBERSHIP HOLD/EXTENSION: Valid medical reason(s) with a physician's or nurse practitioner's note ONLY. Upon return from said medical reasons, a physician’s or nurse practitioner’s note is required to resume activities. The note must include that you are clear to resume all physical activities. We do not need to know the diagnosis. However, it is important information to ensure your safety during training. Vacations and/or business matters are not eligible for holds/extensions.

MEMBERSHIP CANCELLATION: If you decide to cancel your membership, you can fill out the form or submit a written or email request, 30 days prior to cancellation. All membership cancellations are based off of the 12-month investment full pricing. Emails can be sent to info@mercurystrength.com. You will be entitled to a refund for the remaining balance of the Agreement less the deduction listed for Mercury Strength and Conditioning’s costs:

  • Month to month: fully refundable if NO sessions have been used

  • All other term commitments: cancellation fee of up to a maximum of 2 months ($239.98 + HST)

MEMBERSHIP: If you are currently receiving a discounted rate (military, couples, student, etc.) and you no longer fall under the specific membership category, you will be required to pay the regular membership price.

FAMILY PLAN: The investment structure is as follows:

  • First family member invests at regular price

  • Second family member invests at 25% off the regular price*

  • All other family members invest at 40% off the regular price*

For example, if there are 2 adults and a student, the first adult is regular price, the second adult is 25% off, and the student is 40% off

ALL family members must reside under the same roof.

LANGUAGE: People swear. People can say some things that are obscure. If you are offended by something that is said, please approach your coach and we will address the issue.

EQUIPMENT: Do not willfully damage the equipment. This means NEVER drop an empty bar. You are strong enough to be able to handle 15, 35, or 45 pounds. Willful damage will be grounds for removal from class and the possibility of cancellation of your membership without refund. Be mindful of your surroundings as there may be equipment that is being used during the workout and there are uneven surfaces on the premises.

EQUIPMENT: Sticking with the equipment topic… We will help you scale weights and movements, if necessary, but you are responsible for loading and unloading your bar, set up your station as you deem fit, and claim your workout real estate.

CLEANING UP: Please clean up after yourself. This means wiping blood, sweat, spit, chalk, dirt, etc off the bar, floor, pull-up rig, boxes, rowers, kettlebells, etc.

CHALK: A few swipes on the hands is suffice for removing any moisture. “Bathing” in the chalk will make your hands more prone to tear. Be sure to keep the chalk in the chalk bucket. This means wiping your hands IN the bucket. Not on your way to your station. And DO NOT clap your hands. Yes it may look cool to see chalk dust explode from your hands but it makes a mess that everyone walks through and tracks all over the place.

DRAMA: Having an emotional day? Leave it at the door. Being at the gym is a way to get focused and clear your mind. Keeping a cloudy mind affects your performance and the performance of those around you. Everyone feels negative energy in some form.

EGO: Check that at the door too. There will be smaller people who lift more than you. Guys, you would be lucky enough to “lift like a girl”. Everyone has to start somewhere. Everyone progresses at different rates. Come in, kick some ass and take names!

COACHING: You are the athlete. Not the coach. Your coaches watch each of you every day you are in here. We give you tips and tricks to help YOU. What works for you may not work for the person you are partnering with or who is beside you. We understand that your intentions are good but leave the coaching to the coaches. We appreciate and advocate encouragement. If you see something that looks unsafe, get your coach. That is what we are here for!

NEGATIVE WORDS: Never say “I can’t”. If those 2 words are uttered burpees will be performed. Saying “I can’t” already sets you up for failure before you even try.

CHEATING: Do not cheat. Cheating does not bring any honour to yourself. You only cheat your own progress. If you only do half a rep, do not count it.

CHILDREN: Children are more than welcome to watch their parents workout. However, some people come to the gym to get away from children and enjoy “adult time” with adults. If your child must accompany you they can stay in the front lobby. If they enter the gym area, please ensure that they do not play with any of the weights and stay off the equipment. They can sit and watch from the powerlifting / Olympic lifting area. Just be forewarned, as in the language section, people do swear. If you do not want your children to be exposed to this language, even though they probably already know the words, do not bring your children in.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this policy. We are a small business and will try to accommodate you as best as possible.

*these policies are subject to change without notice*