Personal training is available for those who don't wish to participate in the class events. However, you may join the classes at any time.

Our personal training staff will work closely with you to ensure a positive working relationship. Depending on the frequency, our training staff can meet with you on a daily or weekly basis. Scheduling of sessions is entirely up to athletes providing there are time slots available. Individual training sessions vary depending on the athlete's goal(s) and the amount of coaching that is required.

In general, our staff will:

  • assess your needs, abilities, and goals

  • measure body composition, joint flexibility, and postural alignment

  • develop personalized health and exercise plans

  • demonstrate proper and safe exercise techniques

  • demonstrate proper use of equipment

  • teach proper breathing techniques

  • lead you through your personalized exercise routine

  • monitor your progress

  • provide resources regarding nutrition, weight control, and lifestyle issues

  • The benefits you will experience working with our training staff lasts far beyond the exercise performed and the physical transformations.

Working with our training staff will help you discover new found confidence, a sense of accomplishment and an increased knowledge of health and fitness.

For further information on personal training or pricing please contact Jeff at or fill the form out to the right.

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