Mercury Strength and Conditioning welcomes kids 4+ to come and have some fun!  After studying and researching several youth programs, we have a youth program that is second to none.

The kids coming to Mercury Strength and Conditioning will become STRONGER, FASTER, have better/more self-esteem, and prepare them for ANY sport/activity they participate in. We focus on moving safely. The kids will never be put in harms way.

It's important to have our kids active. Nowadays, with all of the electronics about, kids have become less active and childhood obesity and diabetes is on the rise. By coming to Mercury Strength and Conditioning, kids get out of this lazy funk and get active. By being active there is less chance of injury when playing sports or doing normal daily activities.

Our kid's ages range from 4 - 13 years old. Some of the kids, when certain movement standards are met, have the ability to join the adult classes. By sending your child to Mercury Strength and Conditioning, you are allowing him/her to gain a sense of confidence that may have been dormant for many years. While coaches on sports teams are responsible for "sport-specific" training, we will focus on the fundamentals and get your child moving efficiently and safely in order to augment his/her game(s).

Our program is an excellent way for your child/children to be able to experience accomplishments on almost a daily basis. Being young allows your child to attain personal records almost every day. Granted there are always "off days" but with the proper mindset and encouragement from our staff, your child will excel.

Many topics will be discussed during training sessions. Strength training, agility, flexibility, nutrition, sleep, play, healthy living, etc. We strive to make sure that not only the body is healthy but the mind too.

Our classes are run with the following format:

  • generic warm-up to get the heart rate up

  • focus on basic movements/skill work (squatting - front and back squats, deadlift, shoulder press, etc.)

  • workout

  • stretching/cool down

  • information gathering (nutrition, life skills, etc.)

For further information on classes and to enroll your child please contact Jeff at