We have dedicated and passionate coaches to help you reach and surpass your fitness goals.

We strive to break away from the current, flawed fitness model and marketing deception that is so prevalent in the industry today characterized by quick fix pills, cheap gimmick machines and over-hyped DVDs. We believe that true health and fitness cannot be found in magazines who prop up their headlines and ads with air brushed images and starving models.

We assess movements and determine ways to work with, and around, any physical limitations, if any. We firmly believe in proper form and movement patterns. Without proper form strength can’t improve. Focusing more on functional strength will allow everyone to sustain every day activities later in life. Nutrition also plays a big role in how strength is gained. Working with our nutritional consultant, Elliott, for an additional charge, your life will be transformed!

We are not in the business of quick fixes or superficial changes, our pursuit is the total transformation of lifestyle and overall health. No gimmicks, frills or false promises, PERIOD.


Mercury Strength and Conditioning is a 5500 square foot facility with over 4400 square feet of space to "play". We are located at 550 Cataraqui Woods Dr. in the west end of Kingston, Ontario only minutes south of Highway 401 off of Gardiners Rd/Highway 38.

550 Cataraqui Woods Dr

Kingston, ON

K7P 2Y5